Do-gooder who does not catch pokémon, but instead requests their help


Class Features

1 partner pokemon (-25% to exp gained)

Can have 3 pokemon under control at level one, each lasting for one use.

-1 to hit when using a controled pokemon in battle

Rolls animal handling to gain control of a pokemon

Hit Points
Hit Dice: 1d10 per level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + your Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + your
Constitution modifier per level after 1st

Armor: All armor,
Weapons: Simple weapons, martial weapons
Tools: None
Saving Throws: Dex, Charisma
Skills: Choose two skills from Acrobatics, Animal
Handling, Stealth, History, Insight, Intimidation,
Perception, and Survival

You start with the following equipment, in addition to
the equipment granted by your background:
• (a) chain mail or (b) leather, longbow, and 20 arrows
• (a) a martial weapon and a shield or (b) two
martial weapons
• (a) a light crossbow and 20 bolts or (b) two handaxes
• (a) a dungeoneer’s pack or (b) an explorer’s pack

Habitat Awareness
At first level, you can understand all of the pokemon that you can find in an enviroment and the chance of seeing that pokemon based on. This only works when in the wild.

Signature Move
At 2nd level, your partner pokemon gains a “signature move” with 50 power. You can describe the attack yourself.

Pokemon Spy
At 3rd level, you can use one of you controlled pokemon to act as a spy. It can report back to you after the task is completed but it can only communicate with you what it saw through actions. The pokemon leaves your contol after this.

Combination attack
At level 4, you and your partner can combine once per day to do 2x damage with your partners signature move.

Level Proficiency
1st +2
2nd +2
3rd +2
4th +2



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