Your run of the mill trainer, capable of great things.


Class features:

Can have a team of up to 6 pokémon without penalties

Hit points:
Hit dice: 1d8 per Trainer level
HP: 10 + Constitution modifier
HP at higher levels: 1d8 + Con mod per level after 1st

Armour: Light Armour
Weapons: Shortsword, thrown weapons, shortbow, dart
Saving throws: Char, Con
Skills: Choose from: Survival, nature, pokémon lore, athletics

Backpack containing: Sleeping bag, pot and pan, flint and tinder, rations, travellers clothes
leather armour, 3 daggers
a) Javelin b) Shortbow & quiver of 30 arrows,
a) Shortsword b) Dart,
a) 5 red apricorn balls, 10 potions, torch b) Blue apricorn ball, rope (30 ft) 3 potions, torch

Typing proficency:
At level 3, trainers gain the ability to become proficent in 1 type of pokémon (fire, grass etc.).
Proficency grants an extra +1 to all rolls of that trainers pokemon as long as it is the same type as the trainer has a proficency in. Every 3 levels after level 3, the trainer can choose another typing proficency.

Beginning at 1st level, trainers, when looting corpses, searching chests etc. have the uncanny ability to find 20% more gold than anyone else.

At 3rd level, the trainer gains the ability to, once a day, reroll a failed capture of a pokemon.
This can only be done once and not against enemy pokemon.

For some reason, people seem to trust you. Maybe it’s the dashingly handsome looks, the perfectly conditioned hair or maybe your the first person they’ve spoken to today who hasn’t wanted to cut there head off. Whatever the reason, you get a +1 to Charisma when interacting with non-agro’d npc’s after level 4.

After you reach level 5 and gain 15 happiness with any one of your pokémon, your pokémon gains the fateful ability. This ability can be used once daily and allows your pokémon to raise its Con modifier by +1 combat. Fateful lasts until the end of combat. If the Pokémon is left 1 HP with fateful active and fateful wears off, the pokemon will fall unconcious, but in a stable condition. This ability can be acquired by any one of your pokemon you have +15 happines with after level 5 but can only be used once on any of your pokémon per day.

Throwing arm:
After throwing as many apricorns as you have to, it’s only natural that a your throwing arm has been perfected. As of level 7, you have gained the ability to throw things twice as far.

Potions don’t come cheap, but with your experience of buying so many of them, you’ve developed a knack for getting them at discount prices. All items are 25% cheaper as of level 8.

Level Prof. bonus Features
1st +2 Jackpot
2nd +2 Gotcha’
3rd +2 Typing Proficency
4th +2 Trustworthy
5th +3 Fateful
6th +3 Typing Proficency
7th +3 Throwing arm
8th +3 Haggling
9th +4
10th +4
11th +4
12th +4
13th +5
14th +5
15th +5
16th +5
17th +6
18th +6
19th +6
20th +6



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